I’m on my way with Foro to a yoga teacher training in Alicante. It starts Monday. I left early because I needed to take trains, and more importantly needed to make connections in France, and in the past that hasn’t always worked out so well.

The result is that I’ve just spent a truly wonderful day in Barcelona. It was a planned stopover, but what I was going to do here was up in the air.

There’s too much to write about but the best part of today was meeting one of the participants of the yoga course. We’d never met before and had a coffee together. While we were chatting, two people approached us as asked us if we believed in God. My new friend was able to interact with them in Spanish, and when they left, it set off the sort of conversation you normally only have with people after you’ve known them for a long time.

We were able to talk about faith, lack of faith, mankind’s need to have or create God or gods. It got relatively profound for a conversation with someone I’d just met. Really really cool.

He’s really interesting and works as a gaffer/grip/best boy in the cinema, (and I used to be a camera assistant.) He’s also a climber, and wants to try to climb in Alicante on our two days off during the course.

I’m so happy to have met him, and to be doing this course.

It is strange and a bit unpleasant to be traveling without my partner, but it’s probably good for me. I’ve been staying in hostels, so it’s not so expensive. My room here small but clean, and I am not alone. I have Foro.

Foro, my ray of sunshine

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