Yoga Teacher Training

This is the last day of an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training in Alicante, Spain, which started for me in early March.

There’s both a lot to say, and not much.

It was difficult for me sometimes. It is intensive. At age 54, it was sometimes difficult to concentrate all day long, and there wasn’t much time to relax or absorb. I am used to going to classes (German lessons, for example), but this was longer and harder (8am to 7pm and not many breaks) and more physical.

It was also wonderful, but because of the people. I’ve had such good conversations about everything and anything with everyone.

So I would recommend it, but it would maybe have enjoyed the yoga part more ten years ago. However, I enjoyed the people part more now, I think. I’m more sure of myself these days, and I’m seriously old enough to be everyone’s mother here (except one teacher). They were all very kind to me, and there was no pressure to be anything other than what I am.

It was also a long time project of mine and technically my fourth try to sign up to do a YTT (one canceled because of COVID lockdowns, one canceled because I had COVID, one canceled because the woman lost her accreditation). I’m glad it’s checked off the list of things for my sabbatical year.

Foro came with me, and stayed in my room to watch over me. Last night I took him up for walk with to see the sunset while the young people were doing a cacao ceremony. I needed air and I needed space, because the transition to my normal life needs to be done with care if I want to keep what I’ve learned here.

Foro chillin’ to the sunset

Tomorrow I leave, first a train to Barcelona, then many trains home the next day. If I make all my connections, I’ll be home Friday night. Saturday, Foro and I are sleeping in!

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