Calm before the Calm

Next week, I start moving again after a full month of half relaxing, half taking German lessons.

The German is doing better; I can understand quite a bit and I just need to keep at it. I’ll see how I can manage to fit it in to my life when I go back to work, but now that I can read a bit more, it should be “easy” to enjoy. Reading is a way to a big passive vocabulary, and it is also something I enjoy, so it’s easier to want to do.

I’m leaving soon for a yoga course in Spain. The distance to get there is sort of a pain in the neck, but the courses offered in Spain are just sooooo much less expensive. It’s also nice to go to a sunny, agreeable place and it’s kind of an excuse to travel.

I think I’ll leave on Friday for the course, which starts on Monday. This is mostly because I have to travel by train through France, and they are frequently on strike. It’s better to go early and just overnight in a youth hostel somewhere along the way. With some luck, I can get as far as Barcelona in one day, and spend the next day just visiting a bit. Without some luck, I’ll miss the connection in Paris and spend a day there in a youth hostel, and get on the train to Barcelona the next day. I try, when I can, to avoid going through France, but this time there’s no way around it (quite literally in this case, unless I could find a boat from Genoa to Barcelona).

The yoga course is one of those intensive 200 teacher training classes. I hope it’s good, and that the other participants are nice. It should be a very calm experience, if all goes well. Here’s hoping that there are no drama queens, or kings, and that my travel there is pleasant and interesting. Crossing fingers!

Question: do I take Foro with me? Does he want to go? Would he be sad to be left behind? If he comes, I can take off his woolly, winter sweater down there!

The wool sweater can definitely go, at least while we’re there…

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