A Tale of Two Teeth

I have a good friend who lives in Vienna, and thanks to him, I can count his lovely partner and daughter as part of my group of friends, too. I really wanted to visit while on sabbatical, and managed to tack that on in between coming back from Greece and heading out to our next stop in Morocco. It wasn’t the best time to visit as we only had one weekend day to hang out, and the rest of the time he and his gal were working, but we got evening visits on the weekday nights and it was good.

My partner and I went to museums and did Vienna things, like going to the Naschmarkt. There, we bought some pumpkin oil, which is not something so easy to find. The woman in the shop had tattooed hands, cheaply done like she’d done them herself, and bad teeth. And for whatever reason, I was so proud of her. She’d obviously been in a bad situation before; the teeth and tattoos spoke of drug addiction and maybe jail time, but here she was with a legitimate job in the Naschmarkt, selling specialty oils and vinegars. Maybe not the best job in the world, but she was legit and working a day job. Good for her. We chatted with her for a bit and she was very pleasant. I wonder what her story is….

Naschmarkt ambience
Vienna: a Porsche, old buildings, a horse drawn tourist taxi, a construction container, sun in one direction and rain in the other
Exposition of Helmut Newton’s photos

And now we’re back at my partner’s place. Everything is getting washed and organized and we go to Morocco by ferry on Saturday. It’s two days to go from Marseilles to Tangier Med, and my next job is to stock up my Kindle for two days of reading! I’m soooo looking forward to it.

Foro is reading up on what to do and where to go!

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