We’re still in Greece, and having to dodge the weather a bit in order to climb. We spent four days in Leonidio. We stayed in a hotel with the most beautiful view I’ve ever had in my life. That said, the room was tiny and run down. There was a shower base but no curtain or anything, so showering meant spraying water pretty much everywhere all over the bathroom (necessary to remove all towels and toilet paper before bathing, and doing it quickly before the hot water ran out). But at night, we could hear the waves, and if I woke up, I would just count the waves hitting the beach and after a few minutes, I’d be out again. We also swam every day, since the beach was just right there in front of us.

View from the room
Hotel Dionysos, Plaka (near Leonidio) Greece. Our room is the one with the table and chairs on the balcony

Nearly everyone comes to Leonidio to sport climb, but we did one day of single pitch and two long climbs. I think the first one was the most impressive.

Kokkinovrachos sector, a climb called Mira. Another climber to our left took the photo and shared it with me when we finished. If you zoom in, you can see us climbing. (8 pitches: 6a+, 6b, 6b, 6b, 6b, 6a, 5c, 5b but only the first pitch was longish.)

The next day we did this climb:

First pitch of Aghios Lemmy, Hospital sector. (8 pitches: 5c+, 6b, 6b, 6b, 6b, 6b, 6a+, 6b)
The route book and a photo of Lemmy from Motorhead just before the 8th and final pitch.

Sunday was incredibly windy, so we took our time going further south to Kiparissi. We haven’t climbed here yet; my partner had to work today and if he was going to be on a video conference call all day, I didn’t want to be in the tiny run down hotel room. We found something rather luxurious where we can also cook, and the weather should be a bit better tomorrow (today it’s a bit gloomy at best and rainy at worst)

We can’t hear the waves from here, but the view is magnificent and the studio really comfortable. It’s a better place to spend a day while my partner works.
I’m not sure if the video will work, but this was our last day in Leonidio. Foro got the last rays of sun as the Greece flag was stretched flat out in the wind.

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