Accident de Personne

This odd choice of words is used when a train kills someone. Usually it’s a suicide, but it can be also when a train hits a worker or some other accident occurs. Yesterday (we were already late for the ferry to Tanger, Morocco from Marseille), there was an “accident de personne” on the TGV line, and we heartily missed the ferry. The next ferry isn’t until the 15th of December, so we’ve decided to stay in the area and go climbing in the Calanques!

We got lucky, too. There’s an apartment we’ve rented in the past in Cassis, and it was available. It’s a place we can cook, and it’s spacious and it’s possible to see the sea. The owner gave us a good deal (less expensive than a hotel) so we’re here for a few days to climb. We were here last Christmas period and it was much warmer then. There’s a strong north wind (the Mistral), which makes it difficult to find places to go. We don’t have a topo with us, so I’m going on memory as much as I can, and friends have sent some photos of a few spots.

The Calanques are always beautiful. They are always worth the visit. Cassis, where we’re staying, is always quaint.

Coming here wasn’t planned, but it sure is agreeable. This is how traveling used to be, I think. You miss a connection, and then you’re in a place you hadn’t planned for a few days or weeks or months. It’s okay because I’m not working this year so time spent here is as good as time spent somewhere else. Going with the flow, and making the best of what happens and where we find ourselves, which is just a good way to live in general.

Foro is watching the sun rise over the harbor in Cassis, France.

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