Achensee Photos

So I tend not to take my smartphone out while climbing, too afraid that I’ll drop it. These are from a Canon point-and-shoot camera that takes some nice pictures. There’s always a delay of getting them on the blog, though, since I put them on the computer first, and I tend not to haul out the computer in campgrounds. The Rotspitz was hard on the arms, so I’m happy for a day off or two! I also just want to read some today, relax, do some stretching. One of the belay stances was hard on my back and something is pinched back there at the moment. Time for some yoga!

Second pitch of Risseweg, Rotspitz Ostwand, opened in 1964. For once, not slippery in the least because I think it’s not very “gratifying”. It’s “only” a 6a, but worth a 6b+ anywhere else. Very well bolted, though.
Fourth pitch of Risseweg. Much easier!
Maurauchverscheidung first pitch, opened in 1959. Again, this area isn’t great for the ego because this pitch was “only” 5c, but easily worth a 6a+ or 6b.
Rotspitz from below (south and east face)
View from the top!

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