Risseweg, Rotspitz (Tirol)

Today we climbed the Risseweg (5c, 6a+, 5b, 5b, 5c). It was a bit expensive (8€ for the parking, 24€ per person for the gondola) but worth it. The Risseweg is on the east side of the Rotspitz. The rock was pretty rotten for the first pitch, then beautiful for the rest. The 2nd pitch was hard (my partner got that one!). It was an old fashioned chimney that, for once, wasn’t slippery from a billion people climbing there before us.

We rappelled down the south side and did two more pitches there. They were a bit harder than what we’d done earlier, so I’m guessing 6b and 6a.

This was our second day at Achensee, where we’d come to avoid bad weather in the Dolomites. It looks like things might be getting better in the Dols, so hopefully we can head back in a few days.

Our campground is beautiful, perched on the side of the lake. The mornings have been misty and it’s just gorgeous. Instead of taking a shower, I’ve just been jumping in the lake. That works until my hair starts to form dreds. That’s the curse of curly hair!

Tonight Foro is guarding the car for us, but he can also spend his night looking up at the stars, and making wishes.

Achensee in the morning
Camping visitor

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