Total Repos

There is no way to describe the total lack of ambition to do anything today. Okay, I did laundry. I did a bit of work (a student needed a recommendation letter, and I forgot to share some documents with a colleague who is replacing me for one of my classes this year). But that’s done with and I still have no desire to do anything.

We looked at the weather, and there is no way to know about anything more than a few days in advance. The weather icons for next week show rain, sun and clouds with “20% certainty”, so the models have covered just about every possibility. They can’t lose with those options. It’s summer; it will either be rainy, sunny or cloudy.

However, we’ve booked a camping place at Achensee, where there are several possibilities to climb and the weather should hold for at least two nights. It’s only forty-five minutes by car from Innsbruck, but beautiful up there (and camping is always cheaper than a youth hostel).

This is my first week of farting around having fun while my colleagues are working. It feels odd, and I can feel how privileged I am to be able to take this year off of work.

Foro is also being lazy today, just watching the clouds roll by out the window

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