Innsbruck Redux

We’re back in beautiful Innsbruck, running away from two days of bad weather in the Dolomites. I hope we can get back to there this season. It’s hard to complain about them finally getting rain, since they’ve been having such a long drought there, but it’s been a dream of mine to go back and try some of the longer routes.

Instead we’re in Innsbruck again, where the bad weather should be blocked by the mountains. The weather is supposed to be good Monday to Wednesday to go up to Achensee, where there are a few areas to climb. I don’t think it’s outstanding climbing, but it’s the closest place (to where we were before) that isn’t getting dumped on next week.

I’ll put up a photo here of what we did last week. There was a nice, easy climb on Piccolo Lagazuoi and more single pitch climbing at Cinque Torri.

Cinque Torri climbing

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