Lagazuoi Piccolo, Via del Buco

And a good time was had by all! A nice climb around IV maximum and with a bit of bolts in place (maybe 6-8 for the whole climb of around nine short pitches.) A little bit worn by previous climbers, but it was actually rather nice as it made it easier to find the route.

Some people followed us up the route, so it’s possible to see where we came from
Kind of a bad photo of the topo

.The weather is changing, so we might do something short tomorrow before the storms hit (late afternoon). Then the weekend is supposed to be stormy and we might head to the youth hostel in Bolzano. I’d really like to climb in the Pala region if we can get good enough weather to do that. If not, there’s always Arco!

Otherwise we’ve bought a lot of nice local food specialities and we’re planning on cooking those tonight. My partner took the place to sit where you don’t get rained on (we’re having a bit of ‘weather’ at the moment) but it’s also the only place to sit where it’s possible to cook. So…..he has to cook 😇

Foro stayed in the tent again, the watch cow ever vigilant, ever alert…

Foro, ready to pounce!

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