My Vaccine

Reporting back on my New Year’s Resolution; I wanted to do one good thing every single day for 2021. It’s pretty open, what the good thing can be. For example, after all the chaos in the US this week, I posted a picture of tree people on Instagram (see below, because I finally managed to get Instagram connected to the blog). It was a conscious act to put something lighter out there in the world. It’s not that I’m not appalled, or I don’t care, it’s just that things are so grim that the only thing I can think to do is to try to counteract it.

It’s a scary time. Coronavirus is spreading like crazy, and this is without taking into account the new variant. If this variant comes to my school, it’s entirely likely that I’ll get sick before the vaccines get to us. Not surprisingly, I don’t really want to get sick. I mean, there are things I have higher priorities for. Like taking out the trash, or scrubbing out the toilet. Or like imagine the worst household chore in the world, triple it in how much you hate doing it, add soundtrack of, say, disco music or Englebert Humperdink’s “Best of” (no irony intended), and I’d rather being doing that all day long then get sick with Covid. Call me crazy.

So I’ve done OK with my resolution so far. I’ve tried to call people I love, pick up trash that isn’t mine, share beauty on Instagram (as I said, my definition of “something good” is very open!) And more. Truly good things I feel I should keep to myself, or it sounds like bragging.

I went for a walk with Foro today, to appreciate the beauty of where I live, and for the photo op, so I can share it with the world. A bit of beauty and a bit of Foro cuteness in the face of chaos.

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Antidote for a COVID world

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