Irony-itis Aigu

If you can’t say something nice…..don’t say anything at all. Which is why I didn’t write anything for a week. I couldn’t think of anything positive to say. Corona is depressing. Politics are depressing. A world of people in their own, private rabbit holes reading only information that confirms what they already believe is depressing.

The ironies of modern life are causing my brain to overload. For example, there are so many people who hate “science” but complain about it using their smartphones, phones which are the result of a whole lot of science, from microchips to satellites relaying information across the globe in seconds.

However, irony never killed anyone. It just makes for a good headache and a general feeling of hopelessness, which is what I’ve been feeling for the last week. I’m suffering from irony. Irony-itis.

The solution to which is exercise, sun (when I can get it), telling people I love them, hugging Foro and watching goat videos on Instagram, in no particular order.

So Foro folks, I love you. This is all about me, because I’m trying to feel better about the world. So help me out here. Accept the love I send your way, and send it on to someone else. And hug your Foro (or whatever thing in your life that you can hug to remind yourself that irony-itis is curable with enough love.)

Foro sends hugs!

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