Foro and I have been searching for sun the last two days. We live in a place with fogs in low lying areas, and the trick is to get up above it (hills might do it, mountains might be needed).

Yesterday I thought I’d screwed up. I parked the car and started walking up in the snow (snow-shoers had made a nice track, so I didn’t need skis or snow shoes or anything to go up.) I could see the sun just above me, but couldn’t hike as fast as the fog was rising. I was kind of depressed. I got up to the top of the hill I’d chosen, drank some tea, took a picture of Foro and started to head down, still mostly in the fog. Then the fog dropped. I managed at least a half an hour of full sun.

As I was going up, I was depressed, wondering what life was all about and having all the negative thoughts that can go around in your head. After thirty minutes of sun, life was wonderful. I became positive about everything. I was hungry, thirsty, happy, tired, all the things that let you know you’re alive.

All is good as long as you can remember that the sun is shining somewhere, and that sometimes it will shine on you.

Foro and I still in the fog…
And here it was much better!

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