The Heat Wave

Foro not only stays cool, he is cool.

The world is too hot where I live. That is to say, it’s hotter than it’s been before, and hotter than it “should” be.

There‘s only one good way to deal with it and that’s not to fight it. Mad dogs and Englishmen, and all that.

Foro has been hiding at home with the shades down. I suspect him of drinking, and not just water. As well he should.

As for me, I’ve just been getting wet whenever I can. It helps, but even glacier fed lakes are starting to feel like a bathtub.

It’s an odd human thing. All winter long we cry for sun and heat, but now when we have it, it’s too much. And it is too much. There are fires breaking out and train rails warping in the sun. And people are too hot, uncomfortable, and complaining.

I don’t mind so much because I don’t have to work in the heat, only go to German class. I wonder if I were learning Spanish, or Arabic, if it would seem cooler….

Keeping out the sizzle

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