I know why the caged cow smells…

The name of the rose is…..Foro

‘Does a cow smell?’

This is confusing; can a cow smell something or does a cow smell of something?

“Of course they do” for both questions; cows have pretty big noses for smelling things and everything smells of something, even if the odor is ever so faint.

But “Do cows smell?” can imply that the cow smells bad. This gives us “the cow smells bad” which, even though everyone understands what that means, is grammatically wrong. A cow should smell badly (an adverb).

However, this could also mean that there is a right and wrong way to smell something (as in I knit well or badly.)

But I know why the caged cow smells. Because it’s breakfast time, there’s fresh bread on the table, and a beautiful quintet of roses from the garden. And Foro is “caged” by his incredible cuteness. Adorability is a trap, I keep telling him, but he can’t help himself.

I can smell the bread, and I can smell Foro (who smells of laundry detergent, mostly). I know why the caged cow smells, and that is because he’s been washed.

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