The Mars Rover

I went on a hike last week in the Alps. I think going up there in the summer is going to be about as sad as reading the news soon; the area has been so ravaged by climate change. There are heavy scars where glaciers used to be, and dry, crispy grass where there used to be flowers. In one place, I was pretty sure that the Mars rover never left Earth, and was just planted somewhere in the Alps where the world is mineral.

There are also places where it would be advisable to wear a helmet, even for a hike. The following photo used to be a snow field up to a pass:

Now it is managed with ladders and a rope, but with constant rock fall to even get to the ladders.

I could only stay up there for a few days since I had to go to a funeral. My friend lost his son, a young man in his thirties. I didn’t know the son very well, but losing a child is such a monstrosity.

While the hike was wonderful and I was with a good friend who I love to spend time with, the whole time it was also a little bit sad. Maybe that’s because I didn’t bring Foro with me? He always makes me remember not to get too lost in melancholy. One more reason to always travel with a stuffed cow!

Foro is testing a new underarm deodorant. Works great, even on cows!

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