I tend to collect certain things and keep them forever, like nice people.

I went to see one of those lovely friends in my collection. I’ve known him for forty years, but haven’t seen him since 2020 because of COVID. It was great. I really like his partner a lot, and their kid (who I didn’t get to see this time around). He lives a night train ride away in Vienna, and we had to deal with the heat wave so we couldn’t do hikes in the afternoon or I would have fallen over and died. (I’ve become a Euro-wimp and can’t deal with city heat like I used to). It was four days of conversation, re-situating, assessing, rethinking things, finding out about new things, eating lovely food (between his partner’s lovely picnic and the variety of options in their neighborhood, eating is just a lovely experience with them).

But breakfast is particularly nice. We have a bit of conversation, munch a bit, get more of something, drink coffee or tea, chat a bit more, decide on what to do for the day, organize, munch a bit more, chat a bit more. It’s “nothing special” but so special. Why am I writing about such banal stuff? Because the world’s a mess, and it’s good to focus on some of the good things.

Foro came with me on this trip but I never took any photos with him there.

We are back at home and happy because the heat wave finally broke. It rained. How lovely the rain is….

Yeah! It’s raining!!

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