Positivity Has its Limits

Today, Monday, I should have been starting a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training. I’ve been planning this since last November but….I tested positive for COVID. I don’t feel the least bit sick, a bit tired maybe, but that’s all. I’ll do another PCR test tomorrow but for the moment that ship has sailed. I wouldn’t get results until Wednesday and I wouldn’t be able to get there until Thursday. That would be three days missing from a 25 day course. And I have to test negative for that, and who knows if I really have COVID or not.

So the start of my sabbatical is not what I expected, but, like, whatever.

There are so many bad jokes to be made: “I thought you wanted positive people to participate in this workshop” or “I think this is a great test of my flexibility”.

So today, I’ve been looking at other classes I could take, and trying to organize my life at my boyfriend’s place. I also had to inform everyone I saw last week, and there were a few I’d missed so I wrote a few texts and emails to make sure everyone knows.

I have things I want to do, but I actually am a bit tired. Last weekend, I found out about the test when we were already up in the mountains, staying in a farm that has a dormitory and serves food. So we ate outside, and we pulled our mattresses out of the sleeping area and into the dining area so as to limit infecting anyone. Climbing was safe, since we were outside and far away from anyone. The place is a working dairy farm and it got noisy at 5am, but we couldn’t eat anything until 7.30, so not much sleep, and our climb was longer than expected. All that to say that I’m a bit tired. Maybe it’s the COVID, maybe it’s the lack of sleep and being up in the mountains for two days. Hard to tell.

In any case, I’m going to get a move on soon….but after a little nap.

Foro is flexible, too!

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