There are good things and uncomfortable things about taking a sabbatical year from work. The good things are obvious, the most important of which is time. Time to explore, learn, travel, read, and all that. In addition, I should have a job when I come back, hopefully in the same school. The job is guaranteed, but the school isn’t.

The uncomfortable parts are non-negligible. There is living without a salary for twelve months, and in my case, without a home for the next nine months.

I’ve packed everything up and put it in the basement. There’s a pile of stuff in my car to go to my partner’s place (where there is, for the moment, no place to put it, which is a little bit uncomfortable).

I live in a touristy area, so I’m going it rent my apartment through an agency on a weekly or monthly basis. That seems to be working (it’s already renting for this coming winter), so there’s less money stress to pay bills while I’m not at home.

However I’m also, well, giving up my home for several months. It’s the only place I’ve owned (although technically it belongs to the bank until I get the mortgage paid off). I love my home. I love the view of the mountains, the clear air, the lack of fog in the winter. I love having my stuff here, my books, the blanket my grandmother crocheted for me, my own bed and my own sheets.

It’s just the tiniest bit heart wrenching to leave, even though I’ll be able to come back after the first of April. That’s my favorite time of year here. Spring comes late, and it’s austere and cool, and I can watch the progression of trees turning green after winter, starting in the valley and marching up the hills until there are flowers everywhere.

Many things are uncomfortable, but there is so much to look forward to. Today my home is giving me a cloud show (it’s been rainy, but is clearing up and it’s beautiful to watch. Foro is, of course, coming with me. I’m leaving a “Forina” here as a watch cow, to guard the place. She’ll keep this place full of good vibes.

Foro and the cloud show

Forina, the watch cow, keeping the place safe

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