Easter Bunnies

My friends have three rabbits. They have had rabbits for years and get them from an animal rescue place. They’ve set up their lawn so that the rabbits can run around outside. They still have to be watched, no so much because the bunnies might get out but because as we were sitting there watching them, the local eagle came by to see if he could pick up a quick snack. They call it bunny vision; sitting outside and watching the rabbits run around. It’s pretty great.

So I went over to their place for some bunny vision, and a day later, a friend offered me a chocolate Easter bunny. And I just couldn’t eat it. I know that it’s chocolate, but how could I eat something so cute? What do you do, decapitate it? Bite off its ears? Every possible option was pretty awful.

But the best thing happened. The chocolate bunny got left out in the sun and melted. Its little marzipan eyes were floating in a brick of flat chocolate, and there were no more decisions to be made. It was just a melted down bar of chocolate. I could totally eat it.

Until I realized that the little marzipan eyes were actually kind of crunchy….

Yes, I know how ridiculous this all is, but hey, this is all from the perspective of a woman who has a blog about a stuffed cow. Not wanting to eat melted down chocolate bunnies is the least of it.

Bunny vision

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