April Fool’s

I wish that so many things were April Fool’s jokes, that someone would say “Hey, we were just kidding.” No more wars, no more conflicts, no more fake news turning people against each other.

My favorite April Fool’s day jokes come from Sweden, like when they announced the fusion of Sweden and Switzerland into “Swedenland” because most people outside of Europe couldn’t tell the difference anyway. They’ve had to stop because of fake news. People take so many things out of context then say “but it was printed here!” without adding that it was a joke, or not intended to be used in that way.


I wish the world had more humor in it, so I’m sharing my very, very bad joke here: a friend in the US is becoming a notary. She’s also interested in animal rights. So if she has a seal sign something, she can be an otary notary with an official seal!


Foro is laughing. Seriously. I can tell he is. Is no one laughing?

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