I’ve been having one of those weeks that all the little things work and I don’t know why.

I had a package to be delivered (that I had to sign for) on Monday and came home just as the delivery guy was in front of my building.

Last night I went bowling with my students. I’m not a bowler really. The last time I played was before COVID. Last night I had maybe four strikes and 2 spares. It was ridiculous. For the last roll, I turned around and pushed the ball backwards under my legs and still got a spare. (Then I got to tease them about having to be good losers!) It was funny, and fun. I played under the name of Foro, in any case. I didn’t want to do a first name with my students, and being Ms. something or another sounded too formal.

I don’t know where all this good mojo is coming from, and how long it will last, but it’s lovely and I appreciate it. Maybe it’s just the power of Foro?

Foro, the luck generator?

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