It’s Raining Again

It wasn’t a great song (Supertramp, in case you were wondering), and it isn’t a great way to spend a summer holiday. And it is raining again, as it has been all summer here. At least I got away from it for a bit.

Foro and I are just hanging out, digesting the trip we just got back from (when I went to see my family), and getting ready to go climbing for two weeks (somewhere else, where it is not supposed to rain constantly!)

The summer holidays that school teachers get are an added benefit of a job I already love. It’s not for us, though. I mean, the summer holidays keep us from killing the students, but the time off is more for the kids and not for the adults teaching them. I mean, try to imagine being a kid and staying in school all year long, without a break. The kids need a pause. Us teachers could probably be given some other job to do in the summers if it were needed. Not that I’d want to do that, as all the vacation time is one of the cushier aspects of the job.

That was the funniest part of the lock down last year. A whole bunch of parents finally understood that a) teaching is a job and b) their kids are not always the misunderstood geniuses that their parents thought they were. Maybe we don’t deserve the long holidays that we get, but teaching teenagers has a certain merit to it.

The advantage of a rainy summer is that I can get some work done for school…so that’s the next step this afternoon. Only a bit, though, because after that, I’m going climbing!

A rainy day Foro smile

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