So I’m on a family extravaganza in the US. I probably see people more living in another country than if lived somewhere closer. I make the effort now, where I might not living in the same country. The family-count is good and getting better (more or less in the order that I’ve been seeing them): three good friends, uncle, aunt, cousins, step-mother, sister, nephew and I will see a step-sister, two more cousins, and some other relations (who I like a lot) from my sister’s second marriage.

I did the 36 questions that lead to love : with my sister as a road trip game coming back from our step-mom’s. Some of it didn’t apply, but it was nice to have an excuse to complement her. I feel really great being with her on this trip, and some of it is questionnaire!

I’m a little nervous about COVID because while I’m vaccinated, I don’t want to get sick and have to quarantine here in a hotel room somewhere. I’m living up to my cowboy name of Clean Hands Luke, and volunteering that I’m vaccinated when I’m with people, which often makes them spontaneously tell me if they are, too.

It’s nice to see them and physically tell the people who count the most for me that I love them. I’m a little homesick at the moment, but soon I’ll be back to my mountains, my partner, my job and I will go back to missing my family.

I tend to disperse, like the House of Savoy. They never had like a center or a capital city, which meant they were difficult to attack (they could always just move on to another castle) but it was also hard to have the influence on history or culture like the other royal families of Europe. They also tended to be on the wrong side of just about every major conflict in the last four hundred years, including joining up with Mussolini just before his demise.

So like the House of Savoy, I’m spread out all over the place, and visit the places I love one by one…with Foro in tow.

Foro on the farm

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