Vaccing Eloquent

The jabs are coming! Long live the jabbed!

It’s slower in some places than others, but think about this; this time last year, we didn’t know how dangerous this COVID-19 virus was going to be. Many places shut down in a panic, and there were those images of the Milan area in Italy, with people dying in hallways and the morgues overrun. We just didn’t know.

But now there’s a vaccine! Several vaccines, with different efficiencies, some with more risks than others, but there are vaccines!!! I read about the RNA messenger ones with a lot of attention. The problem with that technology before was getting the information into the cells without it degrading. They seem to have figured that out.

The best explanation is here:

Most people will get jabs, who can. There are anti-vaccers out there, which I get. Some of that came from the claim that the MMR vaccine was causing autism. That paper was retracted because the authors cherry picked their data :

This is happening with the COVID-19 vaccinations, too. Yes, some people will die after getting the vaccination, because some people will die. If you get a jab, walk out of the clinic and get run over by a truck, you died after getting the vaccination. There is no causality, though. Even though it’s sad. Look both ways when you cross the street, please.

If enough people get the vaccination, we can stop wearing masks. My students can go flirt and dance and do all the stupid things kids do in groups. Not that flirting and dancing are stupid. Think drinking yourself into a coma. (Note to self: ask the hospital for stats and see if there were fewer people admitted for drinking themselves into a stupor during the last year).

Foro hates needles, which I would only use if someone tore an arm off him. He kind of like one of the Beatles; once his (three year old) fans get a hold of him, it could get dangerous and an arm might go missing, but he also loves being loved.

Foro vaccing philosophic about his overwhelming cuteness

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