My goal today is notice beautiful things. It snowed last night, and there’s little flurries coming down from time to time. The sun peeks out from time to time and everything is WHITE!! It is beautiful.

There was a bird on the tree (I kid you not, it’s called a great tit (Parus major) (to which I reply, “Thank you. The other one isn’t bad either”) It came around, looking for something to nibble on. It was beautiful.

I can’t seem to work when there’s music with words, so I put on classical music. They played something by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (the son): Oboe Concerto In B Flat Major. It was beautiful.

So three beautiful things and it’s not even lunch time yet!

Today is the beauty challenge. See it, notice it, and appreciate it. Note it down someplace and see how many beautiful things you can count in one day.

Foro, taking in the beauty of a spring snow….

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