Goodness Me

This is another post about Corona life. I’m tired of COVID-19, but apparently it’s not tired of us yet. If there were an Academy Award for viruses, all the other viruses would be complaining that COVID keeps winning everything. “And again, virus of the year, COVID-19!” and all the other viruses grumble in a corner, slapping their spikes to their foreheads and whining.

It’s a damned efficient little bugger. Hopefully the vaccines will have a lasting effect on it. I think I can universally say that we’d like it to go away. It’s like a party guest that you never wanted to invite in the first place and who then just sits around, drinking and farting and making an all over nuisance of itself, and you can’t seem to give any hints strong enough to induce the damn thing to go home. It’s drunk every last bit of alcohol, finished the stock of leftovers in the freezer and is now going around to everyone’s half finished plate going “you gonna eat that?”

Until we get vaccinated, the idea of “flattening the curve” only means that we shouldn’t all get sick at the same time and overwhelm heath care facilities. That’s it. Because “flattening the curve” is not at all the same thing as “making the curve go away”. Making the curve go away only happens when either enough people get sick (and either die or get an immunity) or enough people get vaccinated.

This is just a post to remind us to show the best of ourselves to the world. We can’t do much of anything about making the virus go away, but we can be kind. It doesn’t cost anything. It can be done while wearing a mask. It can be done by telephoning those we care about to tell them we love them. (We’ve told them that before, but it can be said over and over again.)

My goal this week is to try not to be overwhelmed, and if I see the occasion to do something good or kind, to take it. Starting with writing a banal post on my blog to encourage kindness. We can do it!

Foro promoting his favorite book.

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