I never thought about the word “resolution”. As my cousin says, “If only there were a tool that would tell us this?” (and then pulls out his smartphone). I found this excellent summary: The Etymology of “Resolution” by a Jess Zafarris. She writes that ” ‘Resolution’ is from the Latin solvere ‘to loosen, release, explain.’ Its original meaning ‘a breaking into parts,’ has remained as it developed the sense of solving a conflict, and of image detail. The term ‘New Year’s resolution’ (1780s) drew from the ‘determined’ sense of the word (‘resolute’)….The word’s use in relation to New Year’s arose in the 1780s (or perhaps earlier) and suggested a firm pledge or decision to better oneself in the new year. ” (

So I will try to break into parts my resolutions for the New Year. What can I do more of to make me a better and happier person, and become more of a person who makes the world a better and happier place?

I need to think about this. I will do some consulting with Foro, who is good at this kind of thing. We’ll get back to you. I think it should have to do with my teaching…..or at least, that’s the easier vector to imagine doing something good in the world. It should have something to do with understanding the world better, and seeing old problems with fresh eyes….

In other news, we went for a snowy walk together in the woods, and made a new friend.

Foro was excited to meet someone in the forest…..
….and they became fast friends!

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