New Year’s List

I want so many things this year!

These are in no particular order (hence a bullet list, and not a numbered one). I’d like to:

  • go have a coffee in town (any town) on a sidewalk café and people watch
  • go to the beach (i.e. travel, since I don’t live by a beach)
  • go see a circus, or a play, or a concert
  • invite a whole bunch of people over for a party
  • go to my yoga classgo see my step-mother
  • hike up to an open mountain restaurant
  • not hide in my classroom between classes (to reduce the chances of getting sick), but go down and talk to the other teachers
  • not hear the (bad) news every day about the thousands dying around the world
  • not have scary dreams about getting sick, or about the people I love getting sick
  • go sledding with a llama
Sledding wih a llama
Foro would like to play hide and seek in the plants

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