My end-of-school-year was weird, because everyone’s end of school year is weird in the world of COVID-19. My work just seemed to float off into nothingness. There were end of year get-togethers with a few colleagues, but nothing is normal and it feels really strange. I function really well with “normal” and not very well with “odd”, I guess.

Before this week, I had work things to do, which at least kept me organizing my days. However from Tuesday of this week, I’ve just been in a void of not getting much done. Today, I wrote a list of things to do but the first thing on my list was stopped cold because my on-line banking system was down. But I tried again, and was able to pay bills, and start laundry, and look into fun things to do this weekend.

Writing here makes me feel like I can actually do something, get something productive done (for me, writing on the blog is the height of productivity!)

I had a long look into Foro’s sewed in eyes (he’s made for kids under 12 months who might chew off a plastic eye and choke on it. He’s a safe toy, is our Foro.) He gave me a good, long stare (like he can do anything else) and I got moving. It’s getting better. I’m starting to have moo-tivation, thanks to Foro!

Ok, let’s take a look at that list again…

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