The Bionic Woman

I used to love that show. And Wonder Woman. And I loved the movie of Tank Girl. And I succumbed to a Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure. The doll doesn’t have many movable parts for an action figure, but since RBG is pushing her late eighties, I think it’s probably quite realistic. I like strong chicks, chicks with special powers, chicks with tanks, smart chicks.

I wanted to be stronger than I am, and I figured that if I picked strong role models, it would help. It did. It does. It reminds me that women can be heroes.

I am reminded of this because my step-sister sent me a picture of my mom marrying her dad, and the wedding photos they took after the mass. I look pretty upset. I remember being around eight or so, and they took me away from the Bionic Woman to get married. I don’t remember being informed of this going to happen. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t want to watch the TV program that much, but that I just didn’t want my mom to marry that guy.

I was soooo right about that. I finally got to go live with my dad when my step-father went to jail, when I was around fourteen, and he wasn’t even going to jail for all the bad stuff he did, just what the cops could prove. (Although this is pretty personal information to share, I only include it because most kids complain about their parents. Mine weren’t just bad, they were ‘go to jail’ bad. That usually trumps the ‘mommy didn’t let me have a pony’ or the ‘they never showed me that they loved me’ or the ‘they never really knew who I was’ stuff. I had all that plus a lot of violence, guns, drugs and alcohol. So yeah, I was probably right to cry at their wedding. Especially when I could have been watching a really strong, female role model on TV instead.)

I still love strong women to this day. And Foro? You mess with me, you’ll have one angry stuffed cow to deal with.

Pow! Right in the kisser…

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