So funerals have been closed to those outside of the family, but for a while, it wasn’t possible to buy a sympathy card because it wasn’t considered to be “essential”. I wasn’t sure how to deal with that, as I don’t draw very well, so I snuck one out from under the tape and paid for it at the self pay area, feeling like a criminal.

Then I found myself the other day going into a store to buy masks, but masks were required to go into the store. This gets a bit chicken/egg-ish pretty quickly.

The last bit is funnier. For whatever reason, some people have been calling the pandemic a hoax, because we’re counting as deaths from the Coronavirus as “a bunch of people who were going to die anyway.” Um, like, we’re all going to die anyway? Do you know anyone who isn’t? I wonder sometimes if the virus isn’t turning people into zombies who read their “alternative facts” and zoom down a rabbit hole of self-fulfilling news items that only reinforce, never challenge, whatever they wanted to believe in the first place.

Okay, Foro won’t die, and he’s not a zombie, because he’s a stuffed cow, but even the sun is going to supernova or white dwarf to its end some day, and Foro, in spite of his eternal cuteness, will finish in dust like the rest of us.

So I just hug the never-ending adorableness of Foro, and we shake our heads in wonder.

Foro forever

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