This was the title of the film I saw yesterday. It was about a Nigerian woman working as a prostitute in Vienna, Austria. It was hard to see, but the film was very, very well done.

It reminds me that in spite of our Corona worries, there are many, many other things in the world that are just as troublesome. In the case of the film, it is the treatment of women. It’s not just the prostitution, but the way even her family back home exploited her. She sent all the money she had back to help her father, who was supposedly ill, then learned that her brother had bought himself a fancy car.

I want a more feminine world. I want a world where being a caring, kind person is not a sign of weakness to be taken advantage of. I don’t know what I can do about that. There’s this fine line to walk between giving one’s heart and protecting oneself and one’s family.

It is important to give love, but it is important as well to find people who are worthy of it.

Foro, a reminder to share love with those who are good for us

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