The Tunnel

We’re getting there! I just looked at predictions for some places, and the peaks in areas that are of personal concern to me are hitting between now and a few weeks from now. It’s hopeful. We’re not out of the tunnel, but we are pretty sure now that it’s a tunnel and not a deep, black hole.

My wish is that I can visit my family in the US this summer, but if the virus isn’t far out of commission by then, I’m not going anywhere near my 95 year-old step-mother. That would stink because I really would like to see her. We’ve talked weekly since my dad passed away in January, and I like our new relationship.

I can’t help but feel hopeful today though. The weather is lovely, and I officially have vacation for the next week. We’re going to garden at my boyfriend’s place, where the grassy areas in front and in back have been allowed to run amok, probably since his divorce twelve or so years ago. I don’t think we can make it into a real garden where you’d want to hang out, but maybe we can fight for a bit of place among the growth.

Foro with cuttings from the garden.

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