Imagine (That)

“The world’s gone crazy” some have been saying. We’ve stopped the big economies of the world in order to save lives, and I’m surprised. Honestly and truly surprised. Why did I think no one cared?

We haven’t considered changing hardly anything to help the environment, and climate change seems just as dangerous. I’m convinced that the greatest danger caused by climate change will be migrations, as people’s land dries up in one place and becomes too wet in others. We won’t ever deal with the cause, just the result, and all the resulting misery for so many.

We haven’t been doing anything about the big polluters, killing as many or more than the virus might. We can’t get seem to manage agriculture in a sane way; we have too much for some and not enough for others. And yet we’ve stopped the economy, in order to save lives. Why did I think no one cared?

It’s the strangest thing; the governments of many countries are putting in place measures to protect people. Why did I think governments didn’t care? There are boundless examples of kindness and people helping other people at the moment. Why did I think no one cared?

The question is, will we still care when the restrictions are lifted, when we go back to “normal”. Will “normal” look the same way? Will we have learned anything? Will we still care….

The neighbors are wondering what will change for them….when (or if) the world goes back to “normal”.
You might say Foro is a dreamer, but he’s not the only one

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