Foro Fever

After this quarantine is over, Foro is going to get a bath….

I’ve just spent the day in bed with a fever and a slight cough. Finger’s crossed that it doesn’t get worse. Where I live, we’re not overwhelmed but this is not the moment to be avant-guardist! I’ve realized that the whole “flattening the curve” thing just means that we’re still all going to get it, but hopefully just not all at once so the health system isn’t overloaded.

I’ve actually been working, while working at home, and managed to get out of bed for an hour in order to make a reading comprehension questionnaire for my students for next week. Going to try to do some light yoga/stretching for a bit, see how that feels.

My partner bought some flowers from a place in the village that just left a cash box out with note to take what you want, and pay for it in the box. The flowers are lovely, and make me feel better already.

I just wish this all wasn’t so scary.

Flowers and Foro, two lovely things that always make me feel better!

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