Not being sick is the wealth of healthy people, who forget how much their health is tied to their happiness. This is certainly my greatest “sin”; not appreciating the excellent health that I have most of the time. You don’t miss your water, ’til your well’s run dry…

I only have the flu, and I live in a country and have a job where I can stay home sick from work for day with no real consequences. For this I am very grateful, and I forget how grateful I should be for this!

My flu is nothing big, and I thought I was going to avoid the worst. It started Sunday with my eyes and nose running like crazy. Monday I don’t teach and I had a fever and a sore throat, but it wasn’t bad enough to stay home from work so I went the next day. And I thought (I thought!) that the worst was over until Tuesday afternoon when I got the whammy. Head hurting, arms and neck hurting, throat hurting etc etc. Nothing spectacular, but painful. I still went to work on Wednesday because I had organized something with my students that I didn’t want them to miss. I worked and did administrative stuff until around four and then went home and stayed in bed until this morning. (If my back hurts now, I think it’s because I slept for 15 hours…)

I’m home now. My village was known as a place to cure tuberculosis, so I feel better already knowing that I’m out of the pollution of the town and up in the sun. I’m getting ready for a thrilling evening of soup and Foro hugs.

With Foro around, I already feel better!

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