Travel Foro

It’s just a fact; I can’t take Foro with me everywhere. For one thing he’s a bit big (for when you start measuring things in grams), and I’ve become waaaaaay to attached to him, especially since TheCrazySheepLady ( knitted him a sweater. He’s cute. He’s inspirational (he inspires me to kindness). And I don’t want to lose him. So when I have full bags and lots of stuff to keep track of, I leave him at home. And sometimes I need him with me because things are just too sad.

When I spoke with my dad this week, he couldn’t really talk. It was like a stutter, but he was trying to catch his breath and couldn’t get his words out. It sounded scary. I don’t know if it has to do with his cancer, or the bug that he had a few weeks ago.

This gets me back to Foro, because talking to my dad, I needed Foro with me. And sometimes Foro’s just not there because even worse than not having him around would be losing him, or having him fall out of a bag or leaving him accidentally on the train. In any case, I didn’t have Foro with me when I talked to my dad.

But I found……a travel Foro!

Not quite as cute (because no one is as cute as Foro), but here she is:

The keychain cow

I made her a t-shirt so that she’s comfy. She’s small enough to fit anywhere.

So I’ll be teaching and look for something in my bag and there she is. I smile and I’m nicer to my students. I remember to breathe and bring my shoulders down. I talk to my dad and look at her, and she makes me smile and find things to say when all I really want to do is cry.

I’ll take suggestions for names if anyone wants to put their two cents in!

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