20th Century Cow

Well, she’s fashionably lean 
And she’s fashionably late 

(Today there was a tree down on the little train line up to my village. I had to hitchhike down to the town down below where the main train runs, me and a guy from Moldavia who also needed to get down for his driving exam. We got picked up by a Japanese teacher. It was snowing, and dark. And I hadn’t even had breakfast yet….)

She’ll never rank a scene 
She’ll never break a date 

(I was thinking that I could have just gone back to bed. It was a good excuse, the train not working. I couldn’t sleep last night, not really sure why, so I’d barely slept, and staying in bed all day would have been nice. But my students were going to have to get up and come to school, then find out that I wasn’t even there. We had “food” presentations today, foods from their home countries. I’d made cornbread. It seemed really unkind not to show up for that, just because I was sleepy and the train wasn’t working. I caught a later train and was only about ten minutes late for class.)

But she’s no drag 
Just watch the way she walks

(I was tired and kind of wiped out, but it was still a nice day. I had a Doors song in my head….)

Foro’s a twentieth century cow

Yes she is, my Foro. One hot tamale…..

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