This week there’s a task for any readers of Forolavache; find things to be joyful about. Not only that, but try to find three things per day all week! Example: this morning, there was a woman singing Christmas carols in a coffee shop. She didn’t sing particularly well (on key, at least!), but it made me happy.

I spent a few minutes this morning playing with my partner’s hair. (I always tell him I’m playing with his hair while he still has some; his forehead is growing like the Sahara and it’s not due to climate change.) That made me happy, too.

I didn’t get the cold that everyone I work with seems to have gotten. I’ve had moments of maybe getting sick, but they’ve passed. More things to be happy about. That’s already three and it’s not even noon, yet!

The man from A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment (Raj Raghunathan said we should “prioritize but not pursue happiness”. It seems obvious that we can’t run after happiness, but we can make it a priority.

Foro : first snow. He wants to go out and make snow cows.

Enjoy your week, then, and try to find joy in small things.

Foro causes joy by just being adorable.

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