All good

I left my bag full of groceries on the train yesterday. I also (I think) invalidated my train pass while trying to do a name change (I’m going back to my maiden name.) There were other stupidities during the day both those were the big ones.

And thanks to Foro, my zen master trainer, I lay down with him with an alarm set for a ten minute nap, then headed out to the grocery store to replace what I’d lost. (Almost) no stress, (almost) no beating myself up. I’m getting better! When things are annoying, when I do stupid things, I voice it out loud ‘You are a frigging idiot’ and try to let it go.

And I took pleasure in nice things: I finished a work thing that was weighing on me, I went to yoga and saw the lovely, kind people there, I called my dad who sounded like a close echo of his old self.

All good!

Cow Power!!!

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