So not dead…

A nice near miss this week: I took out my bike for the first time in a few weeks. The front tire was a bit low, but there’s a pump at work. I wobble my way there, park my bike and BJING! The tire explodes. Parked. At work. Not in the middle of traffic. Not a 40kph while going down a hill.

And yes it sucks to have to go change the tire. It was the day I decided to wear off white pants and a white shirt, so I took it to the bike co-op and paid myself the luxury of having them put on a new tire and inner tube. But it was a beautiful day and it got me away from the computer on my lunch break.

Other lovely things in the week; I had some time to kill and decided to call my family from the swimming area near the lake. I watched the sun set and chatted.

View while talking with my family

And more nice things: I was able to combine a walk with a nap that had a view of the mountains. (I know, napping means you’re eyes are closed so you don’t see anything, but waking up is pretty cool.) I also saw my friend Muriel for the first time in months; we had a tea and caramels from the new shop in the village. And yoga class was outside. The hall where we normally go was occupied. It was chilly but awesome.

Nap view

Tonight I see the love of my life, and Foro is on the train with me, enjoying the view.

Foro, bovine on the move

And I am soooo not dead….

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