To Err is Human, to Forgive, Bovine

There’s a saying that the easiest way to find typos and mistakes is to hit ‘send’.

This year I’ve been cumulating mistakes, but for the most part no one has noticed. I sent out the curriculum to my students, except, well, it’s just not all that correct.

I sent an email with info for the first day of class…in 2018. I forgot a seminar for work and scheduled an activity with my students. The activity requires a reservation that I now have to change. I forgot a whole part of a class that I’m teaching; like just didn’t put three classes on the schedule. And yesterday, for an outdoor activity I said, with great authority, ‘Turn right!’ except that we needed to go straight.

The latter, in the end, wasn’t so bad. I knew the path; it was just steeper than I wanted to do with them. The kids were great though. They slid down, sometimes on their butts. Objectively it was a safer path, because the other one took us out in the road. And really, outside of sliding on their rear ends some, there wasn’t any real risk. No cliffs, no rocks, just dirt. And they were laughing and courageous.

But four mistakes in two weeks? For the moment nothing serious or dangerous, but still. And these are just the ones I’ve caught.

Foro thinks I take it all too seriously. It’s not any more serious than a cow hanging upside down.

Foro says ‘Chill out!’

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