Post Tenebras Lux

Foro came home with me this week. When I keep him at home with me all the time, I get a bit silly over him. I mean, he’s a stuffed cow and it’s not like I’m a kid. So I carry him over to my partner’s place and he stays there for a week. The partner sends me photos of him. Foro is “our” thing, thankfully. I feel a bit less ridiculous.

But it’s nice to have something small and simple that makes me happy. He reminds me to look at things with innocence. That is, my first reaction to something bad or irritating isn’t a whiny, screaming fit. It’s more “what do I do about this?” and if nothing can be done “how long before this is over?” This won’t help me if I have a serious illness, but I’m hoping my reaction would be “how much can I enjoy and for how long?” I’m working on getting there, in any case.

I came home and the lights didn’t work in the bathroom. The whole medicine cabinet wasn’t working; the lights would flicker on and off. I had this happen before in another place I lived and I had to have someone come in to repair it. I’ve got a pretty tight schedule for the next few weeks and fitting in an electrician wasn’t going to be easy. But I have the money for an electrician. No one was in danger. Worse case scenario is that I had to drag a lamp into the bathroom until I could get someone in.

But I don’t know if it’s Foro’s influence, but I didn’t even really react, other than to immediately look at my schedule to see when I had time. (Turns out it was a breaker on the light switch that I never paid attention to. There was a big electrical storm the other day that must have tripped it off.)

So I switched the breaker on, and that was it. Post Tenebras Lux, in my bathroom. And thanks to Foro, not even a whimper or a whine.

Foro’s No Stress Home Repairs

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