Old People Climbing

One of the nice things about being an older climber (just writing that makes me want to gag, but unfortunately it’s truer than I would like) is that we can re-do the same climbs and not remember them until about halfway through. Example: “I climbed this super exposed bit once and swore I would never return, and then there I am, remembering my vow…as I climb through the super exposed bit again. You’d think being scared out of your wits would register some place in your brain but noooooo….

We’re in the Bavella region of Corsica, and my partner realizes he’s done a climb only when we pull out the page from the packet of photocopies and there it is, nicely folded and sweated upon from some time in the past. I only remember that he climbed it with me (and not another partner) until we’re a couple of pitches in and get to the scary bit. Sigh. I wish I could say “live and learn” but I only get the first part of that right.

In any case, there’s only newtomy (new-to-me: the personal study of things foreign, credit for this “joke” goes to Stan Glapa) climbs in the following list, but my partner has done them all before. He thinks.

Punta Macao: Occitanista. 3 pitch climb, which we followed with “Aïoli Bar” another 3 pitch climb on the same cliff (newtomy)
Ferriate: “U Companieru”. Loooooong hike to get here, but worth it. (The joke was that the access path was serviced by wild boars, and this being France, they’ve been on strike) (newtomy)
Punta Ciaccianu: ” Tribulazione”. Almost no bolts in place and there are many, many options to climb. Maybe we did the route, maybe we didn’t. And we won’t remember even if we did…..(newtomy)
Punta d’Arghjavara: “Conquistadore” variant, and “L’Altore” variant. I probably should have been paying more attention to belaying here instead of taking a photo, especially as I’m not sure, push come to shove, if I would have chosen holding on to the rope over holding onto the camera….The rope, surely, right? (newtomy)

Foro has been an efficient watch cow in the car, holding the fort.

He even has a Foro sized window just for himself

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