Covid Weirdness

So I ate something bad and have been sick for a couple of days. We’re in a lovely B&B and there’s a kitchen and everything except…the woman who runs the place has weird Covid paranoias.

  1. We aren’t allowed to use water from the kitchen, only from our bathroom.
  2. We can use the middle microwave but not the ones to the left and right, and only the dishes that are found in the middle cupboard.
  3. We can’t wash our dishes in the kitchen sink (which is communal), but only in the bathroom sink.
  4. When she serves a coffee in the morning, if you’d like a second one (not me, not drinking coffee yet) she won’t serve coffee in the same cup but replaces the cup and the saucer
  5. She wears a mask, but not a possibly useful one like the FFP2s, but an old paper mask that has seen better days

And all this is supposed to stop Covid how, exactly? In any case, she seems convinced and we don’t want to antagonize her. We sort of cheated and my partner made a lovely soup for us in the microwave. I’ve eaten soup! First food in two days. First time out of bed in two days. All is looking up!

Foro is glowing with excitement!

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