The climbs in this part of the Dolomites can have names in German, Italian, and Ladin (one of the local dialects). It’s hard to know where you are and what you’ve climbed.

Hexenstein is also called Sass di Stria, and we climbed a south ridge today that we’ve done before (in the interest of not biting off more than we can chew to start out with.)

It was just as beautiful the second time around!

It’s interesting having several months to climb. I feel like I want to post everything we do for the moment. I’m not keeping another type of journal so why not?

I don’t have photos yet for this climb but maybe I can add them later.

The only complaint for the moment is that we were given a place in the campground right by the entrance. There are cars and motorcycles coming through all the time. We also get a lot of foot traffic with everyone cutting through our camp site on foot. The campground is beautiful, though, and the facilities are great: hot showers, laundry if you need it, a store, a restaurant, a bar.

My partner made an excellent dinner for us and I’ve just realized that Foro fits in the drinks pocket of the camping chair. Hard to say if I’d rather have a drink or a Foro….actually, no, that’s easy. Foro rules!

A cuppa Foro, anyone?

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