On the Road

(Okay, normally you’re not supposed to post online when you’re leaving on vacation to prevent folks from figuring out where you live and breaking in to your apartment while you’re away. Mine is full of Ukrainians at the moment so have at it!)

Foro is finally leaving for the Dolomites! I sort of can’t believe it. My partner was supposed to stop working the 15th and six days later, he finished work at four a.m. I woke up at three to find him not back yet. I walked down to his office in my pajamas said hello, went back to bed and watched an episode of Star Trek (NG) until he finally made it to bed. I turned the alarm off. We’d planned to leave early but outside of pulling an all-nighter, that wasn’t happening.

But we’re in an overloaded car heading to Austria first then to Südtirol. Foro is ready to go!!

Foro looking dashing on the dashboard

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