Since last Friday, mask mandates are gone where I live, except on public transportation, medical facilities and a few other exceptions. I’m going to see my student’s faces for the first time tomorrow!

In my sports classes, the kids didn’t have to wear masks. One kid I’d had earlier in an English class for an entire year and I had no idea who he was until I saw him the following year without the mask. There must be some part of our brains that just fills in faces with wishful thinking.

There is one thing I’m worried about though, and it’s super silly. I started making a snorting noise when I didn’t want to laugh at something, because no one could see I was grinning, or teasing someone, under the mask. I hope I’m able to drop that. It sounds pretty pig-like. Or old man-ish, even if I’m an oldish woman. Not very attractive or appealing, in any case. It can go the way of the masks, with any luck.

Foro has not had to wear a mask. You couldn’t hide his inherent cuteness with a mask, anyway.

Here’s lookin’ at you!

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